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American Pit Bull Terrier


Hand Crafted Collars,
Leads, and Accessories

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Spike Collars

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Custom made to order spike collars available in 1 1/2" to 2" widths.  Spikes available in nickel or brass 1/2" and 1" tall.  Price depends on size & decoration. 
If you can dream it up, I can make it.

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Native American Style Collars

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Custom made, one of a kind Indian collars. 
We design many styles of Native American collars. 
These are real authentic bone beads --
you can choose what colors you would like.

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We design many beautiful show leads or just a lead designed to hold the strongest dog.  We offer these in nickel and brass. With or with-out rings
and I make custom leads as well.

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Parting Sticks


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We offer a couple of different styles of these in Hickory and oak. We make custom clocks with your own dog's photo of your dog and can blow it up and put it on a hardwood clock.
full size & key chain versions.  You can choose what color beads you would like.  We offer a Resin Eagle Claw de-fanger attached to the end of the Beadwork

W/Feathers $40

All photos returned
with purchase

Parting Sticks

Full Size $10
Large w/de-fanger $20
Keychains $6
Plus Shipping & Handling

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